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NLO 1237:
Life of Eli

Comedian Eli Nary returns to the show to finish telling us the story of his breakup. Superfan Nate joins the show as the audience for the day, and he also helps Patrick out with some comedy medicine. Eli and Patrick argue over intelligence in our recent presidents, and then Eli begins to tell one of […]


  • I call any poop I do all alone a bathroom selfie. about 1 week ago
  • LOVE watching an adult man lose his shit at a Starbucks because his order is taking seven minutes. "This is completely unacceptable!" about 2 weeks ago
  • I'd be 100% on board with Trump's travel ban if it just stopped one tuna salad sandwich from getting on my flights. about 2 weeks ago
  • BOISE, ID - Headlining six shows this weekend tonight through Sunday at Liquid Lounge. I got a new haircut, so. Come see it live. about 2 weeks ago
  • Come see me at Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool tonight at 8pm. I have a new joke about Bill Paxton that KILLS. about 4 weeks ago