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NLO 1157:
Almost Kidnapped

Comedian Alli Breen is here, albeit late, with Starbucks in hand. Patrick is impressed with how put-together Alli seems, and Alli lies and says Patrick looks great with his weight loss. We talk about director Kevin Smith’s daughter and her recent claim that she was almost kidnapped by fake Uber drivers. Bernie Sanders buries Hillary […]



  • RT @NLOQuotes: "Did you know that black people can just buy a camera, start a YouTube channel and become president?" -@Pmelt (@NLO 857) about 3 days ago
  • NYC - tonight Harlem on Fifth at 8pm / Weds -Stand Up NY at 8pm / Sat - The Standing Room 10pm about 6 days ago
  • True political fact: Bernie Sanders middle name is Colonel. about 1 week ago
  • My new name for snow is blizz jizz. Please RT. about 2 weeks ago
  • "I own, like, a LOT of bees." - bumble brag about 3 weeks ago