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Looks like Google is working well.

Looks like Google is working well.

An Open Letter to Flappers Comedy Club

Last night I performed on my friend’s show in the Yoo Hoo Room at Flappers Comedy Club at 9:30pm. That friend was Flip Schultz, and the show was An Intimate Evening with Skippy Greene. I had rushed to make the show from Brea where I was doing a set on...

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Marathon – October 2014 – Part 6

We wrap up the Marathon Show with ya boi, Jake Lloyd, and fan Ben. This has been exhausting and Patrick is pretty much over it. We learn that D-Fritz loves hotmail and thinks it’s a pretty cool service. We compliment Ben on the fine Ballast Point vodka we are all drinking. We talk more about […]



  • Stop raping my sense of humor with your Bill Cosby jokes. about 1 day ago
  • Can we stop using the descriptor "seedless" for grapes like they’re special order? about 3 days ago
  • More like The Container SNORE. about 4 days ago
  • Ten dollar flat rate rides in Manhattan through 2014. Use my referral code and we both get $20. This rules. about 7 days ago
  • Fuck @healthnet and Covered California. Six months of coverage. Can’t find doctors. They cover NOTHING. Complete waste of money. Thieves. about 1 week ago