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NLO 1308:
Funeral Cucks

Jozalyn Sharp, comedian and fellow “big picture” thinker joins Patrick in the studio for a show where everyone is too high. Patrick has decided to box up everything and move on to the next apartment, in light of recent and never-ceasing series of unfortunate events. Everything is broken. Kevin Hart has single-handedly broken the Oscars. […]


  • Have any comics used “morning coffee” in their podcast name yet? Asking for a million other comics who didn’t. about 7 days ago
  • Watched a comedian lay down and hump a stool on the ground last night for some Amazon Prime comedy whatever and the… about 1 week ago
  • Really enjoying all the comedians who think they’ve successfully pivoted to a real estate career in the past year. This can’t miss! about 1 week ago
  • Current mood: somewhere between “silence is violence” and “how about shutting up and listening for a change.” about 2 weeks ago
  • Next time you think you’re hot shit for “doing standup comedy”, remember there’s a WWE nobody one week away from ju… about 2 weeks ago