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Looks like Google is working well.

Looks like Google is working well.

An Open Letter to Flappers Comedy Club

Last night I performed on my friend’s show in the Yoo Hoo Room at Flappers Comedy Club at 9:30pm. That friend was Flip Schultz, and the show was An Intimate Evening with Skippy Greene. I had rushed to make the show from Brea where I was doing a set on...

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NLO 1075:
Tom and Scary

Patrick says farewell to Sean as they recap a fan meetup where things got weird. The night started well, with lots of beers and hot dogs, and Patrick getting particularly sloshed. We met new fans Jason and Tom, and things got weird. Patrick almost got in to a fight with some British guy who had […]



  • I’m currently in the worst shape of anyone’s life. about 1 week ago
  • Tonight I’ll be in LA at Rafa’s Lounge on Sunset at 9:30pm and Vegas this weekend - LA Comedy Club at Bally’s 9:30pm Saturday. about 2 weeks ago
  • I’m on a SuperShuttle to LaGuardia and the driver is blasting contemporary Christian at 5am. It’s a good argument for the existence of hell. about 3 weeks ago
  • Maybe Fandango ate your baby. about 4 weeks ago
  • Is anyone else counting the days until Flo from those Progressive ads has to do porn to pay rent? about 1 month ago