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NLO 1179:
Cory Loves Dwarves

Tattoo lady Cory swings by the studio to suck the air out of the room like a cigarette. Cory is coming to Edinburgh for the Fringe festival for a week, and Patrick couldn’t be more annoyed as she digs through her purse for cigarettes and nail polish. We talk about the first penis transplant, and […]


  • RT @StandingRoomLIC: Keg Stand show tonight 9:30pm sponsored by @SingleCutBeer! Great show Great beer! Come join! #FREEBEER #LIC https://t.… about 2 days ago
  • Remember when @NASA shot a monkey in to the sun in the 1950's for NO reason? about 4 days ago
  • I feel like every other brand of ketchup except Heinz is some elaborate joke we don't talk about. about 6 days ago
  • I'm at @StandingRoomLIC tonight at 10:30 talking about my inner pain in an outward way. Come watch and stuff. about 6 days ago
  • 3am - when Brooklyn girls start being more horny than offended. about 1 week ago