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Taunting Titans

Patrick is packed in the studio with comedians Tyler Jolley and Jozalyn Sharp, as well as their sidekick Greg Price. Patrick thinks he might have ball cancer but doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Everyone tries to help Patrick brainstorm ideas for pranking a girls softball team because he’s on the mailing list somehow and […]


  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival is done but catch me in Australia for two more weeks. about 1 day ago
  • RT @StarTalkRadio: Tonight’s #StarTalkAllStars Extended Classic: Investigate “What Makes Us Human?” w/ host @natalia13reagan, co-host @pmelabout 3 weeks ago
  • Haven’t seen the new Coach Snoop documentary series on Netflix, but I assume it’s about him touching all those kids. about 2 months ago
  • Just watched a woman delete photos of her child she just took so she could screenshot Pokémon Go with some imaginar… about 2 months ago
  • Nobody turns a simple 2 hour flight in to an 11 hour journey like @AmericanAir. #theworst about 2 months ago