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Looks like Google is working well.

Looks like Google is working well.

An Open Letter to Flappers Comedy Club

Last night I performed on my friend’s show in the Yoo Hoo Room at Flappers Comedy Club at 9:30pm. That friend was Flip Schultz, and the show was An Intimate Evening with Skippy Greene. I had rushed to make the show from Brea where I was doing a set on...

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NLO 1141:

Patrick is joined by YouTube starlet and bling nailstress Haley Sacks. I’m not even sure nailstress is a word. Haley Sacks aka @holisox is here, and she’s being barraged by insults in our chat room. She’s tough and powers through it, finding comfort from the people in the chat room showing support. Haley talks about […]


  • "What if this month we just delete our clean, efficient UI and force all Xbox users in to a new clunky Windows-like nightmare?" - @Microsoft about 1 week ago
  • The Knick is just a turn-of-the-century version of House with way more people dying and no @oliviawilde. about 1 week ago
  • I hope there are no BOOS at my shows tonight! Atlantic City! Come out to @hideawayac 8pm and 10:30pm! Tix at #DoAC about 4 weeks ago
  • ATLANTIC CITY - Headlining four more shows this weekend. Two Friday and two Saturday @hideawayac. Get tix at! about 4 weeks ago
  • RT @hideawayac: So apparently @pmelt hates birds...won't get into detail, but it explains a lot. about 4 weeks ago