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Looks like Google is working well.

Looks like Google is working well.

An Open Letter to Flappers Comedy Club

Last night I performed on my friend’s show in the Yoo Hoo Room at Flappers Comedy Club at 9:30pm. That friend was Flip Schultz, and the show was An Intimate Evening with Skippy Greene. I had rushed to make the show from Brea where I was doing a set on...

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NLO 1076:

Patrick does a short solo sick show as he recovers from another cold. We talk about the brand new Ghostbusters reboot and it’s newly-announce all-female cast, including a bunch of SNL women. Patrick tries to get people to call in and teach him about humidifiers but no one really cares. We examine a device that […]



  • People think I’m not in to sports, but I totally am. #GoSkiHawks about 20 hours ago
  • New York - come to Stand Up NY tonight at 10pm and next Thursday Feb 5 at 8pm for Comedy Central showcase. about 2 days ago
  • RT @Thundertype: @Kingsway_Hall 1.5 yrs later still hosting @InkeyJones's garbage. Tripadvisor page is hilarious. Great reflection on your … about 3 days ago
  • GrubHub or Seamless need to come up with an app like Tinder that just shows me pictures of food, and brings it to me if I swipe right. about 4 days ago
  • I’m currently in the worst shape of anyone’s life. about 2 weeks ago